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  • QWhat generation of Assisted reproductive technology in shanghai Towako hospital?


    Current technical projects : Artificial insemination with husband sperm, the first generation of IVF (conventional in vitro fertilization) and the second generation of IVF (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) technology.Technologies that have not yet been developed: the third generation of IVF technology (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening) and mitochondrial replacement technology. Each generation has no grade difference, but it is suitable for different groups of people. The first generation is suitable for husband whose semen is almost normal or slightly abnormal; the second generation is suitable for husband with moderate or severe abnormal semen and conventional IVF failure; the third generation is suitable for couples with genetic diseases who need to do PGD/PGS..

  • QWhat are the advantages of the mini stimulation protocal and which groups are suitable for?


    It has the advantages of less medication, mild stimulation to ovary, high egg quality and good endometrial receptivity. It is suitable for all kinds of people, especially for patients with low ovarian reserve and high ovarian response (such as polycystic ovary patients) and patients with adverse outcomes of conventional treatment.

  • QWhat is filing and what materials need to be prepared?


    Filing is the first step in the process of IVF treatment. When both husband and wife have completed various examinations and confirmed that they can do IVF, the hospital will establish a file for the patient, and this is filing.

    Both husband and wife should bring:
    ①Original ID card and marriage certificate (foreigners need original passport).
    ②The couples should bring the original and copy of all the test report before asssited fertility. Staff will conduct identity authentication, fingerprint collection and portrait collection.

  • QWhen should both husband and wife be at the hospital site at the same time during IVF treatment?


    ①On the first visit of diagnosis, medical records of both husband and wife should be written;
    ②On the filing day, the husband and wife should sign the informed consent and provide certificates;
    ③The female's egg retrievial day is also the male's sperm collecting day;
    ④Embryo transfer day identification.

  • QHow long does it take to wait for a general visit?


    Our hormone blood report is finished usually within two hours. After the result is given, the doctor will call you for a face-to-face consultation according to the registration order. If there are many operations or patients on the same day, the waiting time may be longer. Please wait patiently.

  • QWhy do you need trigger injections?


    In normal menstrual cycle, the follicle reaches a certain size and produces LH peak naturally. LH induces ovulation. In order to prevent spontaneous ovulation in ovulation induction cycle, it is necessary to use drugs to inhibit LH peak, and then use special drugs (trigger injections) to replace or induce LH peak to obtain mature oocytes when follicles grow to a certain size.

  • QFollow up time after transfer?


    It is very important to judge the result of embryo transfer, adjust luteal support drugs, and follow up the health of mother and offspring. The main follow-up points were as follows: ① hCG was measured 7-12 days after blastocyst/embryo transfer to determine whether embryo implantation.. ② about 30 days after transfer, ultrasound was used to confirm whether there was clinical pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy was excluded. ③ the pregnancy was reconfirmed about 45 days after transfer. ④ follow up of mid-pregnancy (telephone) was conducted to understand the fetal development. ⑤ follow up after delivery: learning the delivery mode, maternal and neonatal conditions, and necessary consultation and guidance were given. The reproductive center reports the results of various treatments to the national maternal and child management department every year.

  • QIs IVF fee expensive in international hospitals?


    Our hospital is an international chain hospital. In principle, we refer to the Tokyo headquarters. In fact, the total cost of a cycle is basically the same as that of the top three hospitals, with an average of about 25000-35000 yuan per cycle. If the drug fee is not much, the cost performance of patients' services will be higher. We firmly believe that Shanghai will become a fully competitive mature market as Tokyo, and the customers are the biggest beneficiaries namely get high-end services at a popular price.

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