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  • Qi Xiujuan

    Qi XiujuanChief physician,professor,Master Instructor

    Graduated from Qingdao Medical College, she has been engaged in obstetrics & gynecology in the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University for more than 30 years. AS a proffessor of OB. & Gyn , she has been specialized in assisted reproduction medicine over 20 years ,and proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive endocrine diseases and various complex infertility.

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  • Bai Xuemei

    Bai Xuemeideputy chief physician,master of Medicine

    Master of Southeast University. Engaging in obstetrics and gynecology infertility clinical nearly 30 years, good at the elderly ovarian insufficiency, premature ovarian failure, fallopian tube obstruction, polycystic, endometriosis and other reasons of test tube baby assisted pregnancy diagnosis and treatment. Using flexible application of personalized ovulation induction program, to make the oocyte rate of elderly women maintained at a good level, and successfully obtained fertility hope.

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  • Liu Ying

    Liu Yingattending physician,doctor of Medicine

    Gynecologic Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
    Education:1999.04-2003.03   Ph.D  Tsukuba University, Japan 
    Fluent in Japanese and English. Had stayed in Japan for 13 years,  She obtained her  PhD and received clinical training in embryology and reproductive endocrinology and infertility medicine. The hospital that she was trained in is called Kato Ladies Clinic in Shinjuku, Japan. It has top-notch specialists in human embryology and gynecologic reproductive and infertility medicine. It’s also well known in the world for the most significant human natural cycle and minimal stimulation IVF program. The intense, and hands-on training  from Kato Ladies Clinic and Sanno Hospital in Japan and years of working experiences  at Umegaoka Hospital in Japan  equipped her well for working in  an international hospital, not only in clinical settings but also in communicating with foreign clients.

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  • Fang Lu

    Fang Ludeputy chief physician, master of Medicine

    Reproductive medicine master of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University (SMCFU), has engaged in obstetrics and gynecology for 20+ years. She used to work in Shanghai First Maternity & Infant Hospital and the Reproductive center of Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital. Currently, Dr. Fang works in Shanghai Towako Hospital, where she received more standardized and international training sessions in Kato women's Hospital in Japan.  She is very proficient at the diagnosis & treatment of infertility caused by PCOS、premature ovarian failure andrepeated implantation failure.

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  • Zhang Wenjing

    Zhang Wenjingattending physician

    earned her master’s degree from Medical School of Fudan University. She is a specialist in the area of assisted reproduction. The working experiences include: 2006-2021 Reproductive Medicine Center, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and Shanghai Changhai Hospital. She has strong competency to perform more than 1,000 cases of OPU, IVF-ET, and hysteroscopy operation. Her professional experiences in personalized ovulation induction, senior patients, premature ovarian failure, decline of ovarian reserve function, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, recurrent embryo implantation failure, adhesion decomposition under hysteroscopy, and endometrial polypectomy help out many patients and families. Her research on Families and Sporadic Cases of Premature Ovarian Failure has been started since 2006. Dozens of scientific papers based on her research have been published in SCI and core journals.


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  • Zhao Ming

    Zhao Mingattending physician

    Graduated from Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, has engaged in assisted reproduction for less than 20 years. As a student of Professor Kuang Yanping, Zhao Ming is good at diagnosis and treatment of kinds of infertility and diseases of gynecological endocrinology, and treatment for patients with repeated failure of in vitro fertilization and low ovarian response as well.

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  • Lu Wenyi

    Lu Wenyiattending physician

    Shanghai Jiaotong University School of medicine master, engaged in obstetrics and Gynecology clinical work for nearly 20 years, Renji reproductive center training obtained training certificate. Good at diagnosis and treatment of gynecological endocrine diseases, mild stimulation and micro stimulation of IVF assisted pregnancy. Master the examination and treatment of hysteroscopy related to infertility, improve the "soil" (endometrial environment) for infertility patients, and improve the receptivity of endometrium to embryos.

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  • Liang Yanfeng

    Liang Yanfengdeputy chief physician

    He has been engaged in urology and andrology for more than 20 years, and is good at the diagnosis and treatment of male sexual dysfunction, ejaculation disorder, oligoasthenia, teratospermia and azoospermia. He studied further at Shanghai andrology Institute and Shanghai human sperm bank. He is good at microsurgery: testicular microsection, microsurgical recanalization of obstructive azoospermia, microsurgical ligation of varicocele and other minimally invasive operations.

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