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Clinical advantages

The “natural cycle therapy” of our hospital adheres to the treatment concept of Japan’Towako Group,reducing unnecessary drugs and examinations,and achieving the purpose of pregnancy through assisted reproductive technology without increasing the body’s burden.

The clinical laboratory and embryo laboratory of the hospital are equipped with advanced Instruments and equipment,which can produce reports quickly and accurately,and provide with doctors to make accurate diagnosis.The embryo laboratory does ICSI operation with spindle observation to avoid egg damage and improve egg utilization rate and embryo quality at the same time.We use the principle of continuous cumulative score, comprehensive development speed and morphological score,select embryos with dominant developmental potentialand carry out accurate positioning embryo transfer operation to achieve precision therapy.

Senior reproductive doctors team, domestic and foreign famous reproductive experts constituting a consultant team,excellent medical care team,to ensure the safety and high quality of medical care.

  • Microstimulation mild,natural and safe

    Stick to a smaller dose.
    Use a more natural ovulation induction method.
    Reduce the risk of premature ovarian failure.
    Avoid menstrual cycle disorders.
    Reduce the possibility of premature
    Pay more attention to the safety of treatment on the basis of high pregnancy rate.

  • Diverse programs, individual choices, comprehensive and reasonable.

    Pay attention to the natural maturation process of eggs in the ovaries.
    Minimize the physical burden on the patient.
    High-end medical services according to personal conditions.
    Give patients sufficient choice space.
    Pure natural cycle, mini-stimulation cycle, PPOS cycle and so on,Programme diversification

  • High-quality painless egg retrieval

    High-definition observation of follicles.
    High-quality painless egg retrieva.
    Efficient egg picking-up process.

  • Precise transfer technology.

    The individuality of the transfer protocal.
    The control of transfer time.
    The accuracy of trasfer location.

  • Rapid and efficient detection.

    Rapid detection of hormones.
    Accurate judgement follicle maturation.
    Respond adequately to personalized treatment plan

  • Cultivation of excellence.

    Japan's first-class equipment and experienced embryologists
    Rapid detection of egg maturity (PB-CHECK)
    Precise positioning single sperm injection (spindle observation)

  • Cost benefit maximization

    The charges for surgery and so on are basically the same as 3 A hospitals.
    Ministimulation features less drug use and low drug cost.
    In difficult cases, No eggs can enjoy the subsidy.
    Reference can be made to the Q-A charge.

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