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  • Kuang Yanping

    Kuang Yanpingchief physician, doctor of medicine, doctoral supervisor

    He is the chairman of reproductive health committee of Chinese Association of rehabilitation medicine, vice chairman of reproductive medicine branch of Chinese Association for the promotion of medicine, member of Standing Committee of reproductive medicine of Chinese Medical Association, and vice chairman of reproductive medicine branch of Shanghai Society of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine. Chief scientist of key R & D projects of Ministry of science and technology.

    Work features

    Work features The invention of PPOs and other first clinical technology. He has made many contributions in the research of difficult and rare diseases: he worked with Wang Lei of Fudan University to discover the molecular genetic mechanism of egg maturation disorder, egg fertilization disorder and egg death.

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  • Feng Yun

    Feng Yunchief physician,professor and doctoral supervisor

    She is the fourth vice chairman of the reproductive medicine branch of Chinese Medical Association, the leader of the management and ethics group, and the fifth standing committee member; the first chairman of the reproductive medicine branch of Shanghai Medical Association; the editorial board member of "reproductive medicine", "Chinese reproduction and contraception" and other magazines; she has completed the national, provincial and ministerial level projects and won many awards; she enjoys the special allowance of the State Council.

    Work features

    Work features She is good at reproductive and gynecological endocrine diseases, male and female infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian dysfunction and other ovulation disorders, endometriosis complicated with infertility, the implementation of assisted reproductive technology and attention to reproductive ethics and management.

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  • Zhu Chenghua

    Zhu ChenghuaMD

    She is a doctor of Medicine (major in immune response control) from the College of Tokyo Medical University. She is a doctor of gynecology and obstetrics and a member of the Medical Association of the hospital of St. Marianne Medical University Affiliated to the medical department of St. Mariana Medical University, a member of the Japanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a member of the Japanese Society of clinical cells, the Japanese Society of reproductive medicine, and the women's Medical Association.

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  • Ni Xiaowen

    Ni Xiaowenattending physician

    Graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University, she once worked in Shanghai Xinhua Hospital. In 1995, she joined Kato Ladies Clinic in Tokyo. In 2005, she was vice president of Shanghai yonghuihua clinic of Towako group. She is good at applying Kato's Mini stimulation protocal to assist pregnancy.

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  • Zhang Yaning

    Zhang YaningMD

    She has a bachelor's degree from the University of California, a master of traditional Chinese medicine in Los Angeles, and a doctor of gynecology in Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine. She is good at the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases and the application of acupuncture combined with traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of infertility. She has served as simultaneous interpreter for International Conference on reproductive medicine.

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  • Qi Xiujuan

    Qi XiujuanChief physician,professor,Master Instructor

    Graduated from Qingdao Medical College, she has been engaged in obstetrics & gynecology in the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University for more than 30 years. AS a proffessor of OB. & Gyn , she has been specialized in assisted reproduction medicine over 20 years ,and proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive endocrine diseases and various complex infertility.

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  • Bai Xuemei

    Bai Xuemeideputy chief physician,master of Medicine

    Master of Southeast University. Engaging in obstetrics and gynecology infertility clinical nearly 30 years, good at the elderly ovarian insufficiency, premature ovarian failure, fallopian tube obstruction, polycystic, endometriosis and other reasons of test tube baby assisted pregnancy diagnosis and treatment. Using flexible application of personalized ovulation induction program, to make the oocyte rate of elderly women maintained at a good level, and successfully obtained fertility hope.

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    Graduated from the Department of Medicine, Kinze University, 2000. He worked at the National Kazawa Hospital and the Tokyo Disaster Medical Center of the National Hospital, and joined Kato Ladies' Clinic in 2007. After serving as Minister of Health, he has served as President since 2013 and as President of Shanghai Towako Hospital since 2016.

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    Graduated from the Department of Medicine of Jinze University and worked in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department of the National Kyose Hospital and Fukui County Hospital. He joined Kato Ladies' Clinic in 2007 and has been a foreign doctor in Shanghai Towako Hospital since 2016.

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    Graduated from Yamalyuan University School of Medicine, he has worked in yamachi University Medical Department affiliated hospital, Xiangmoyuan Co-ion Hospital, National Chengyu Medical Center. He joined Kato Ladies' Clinic in 2005, became president of Kobe Yuanyu Dream Hospital in 2012 and has been a foreign doctor in Shanghai Towako Hospital since 2016.

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