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  • 祝我的孩子,能永远健康快乐~


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As the first wholly foreign-owned hospital in China, the Shanghai Towako Hospital was established in the  China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone,  Benefiting from a series of good policies to deepen reform and opening-up in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, With Japan Towako Group experience in hospital operations around the world for many years, It is an international chain medical institution that perfectly integrates high-quality resources such as innovation, technology, team, capital, market, brand and policy.


The hospital is equipped with advanced laboratories, operating rooms 、high-end gynecological diagnosis and treatment equipment ,as well as humanized Japanese services. Based on comprehensive services for women's health, the hospital is characterized by customized personalized assisted pregnancy treatment for infertile patients.

On August 2017,Assisted Reproductive Medicine Center has been officially approved for national access.Through the Japanese headquarters of personnel training、doctor exchanges、regular consultations、joint scientific research to heritage and reflect the internationally popular Kato natural cycle technology concept and medical services . At the same time,taking advantage of the hospital’s platform effect of exhibition、communication and openness in the FTZ. Actively carrying out professional exchanges with domestic counterparts and academic institutions, Pursuing a safe, efficient, comfortable and economical multi-strategy approach that is in line with China's national conditions.The localization of international brands, technologies, services and management has been basically achieved. By optimizing a series of related technologies and one-stop warm medical service process, fully implement the Individualized treatment service mode : "less medication, less examination, low side effects 、low complication and high utilization rate of eggs and embryos quality, high comfort level" . achieved good clinical results and patient reputation,which has been reported and paid attention to the high-quality development of CCTV and other mainstream media. We have truly realized the social benefits of having access to international medical services without leaving the country. Meanwhile the Shanghai Towako Hospital is striving for innovative multi-strategy infertility treatment, In particular, the combination of TCM adjuvant therapy is more distinctive, attracting many foreign patients to seek medical treatment. It is a positive and meaningful attempt to build an Asian international medical center in Shanghai.

Treatment projects: Gynecology (Female department), Reproductive health and infertility, Chinese medicine gynecology, Urology, Endocrinology, Clinical psychology, etc.

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4 / F, No. 477, Fute West 1st Road, China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone


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