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What is infertility?
The World Health Organization (who) defines infertility as having been married for at least one year, cohabiting, having normal sexual life, and being unable to bear children without taking any contraceptive measures. The definition of infertility in China is that there is no contraception or pregnancy after 2 years of marriage. The American infertility society's standard is one year without contraception and having sex without conception. In fact, the regulation of infertility time should be analyzed and treated differently according to different situations.

What information is helpful in understanding fertility?
Physical condition of both men and women
Do you have a history of pelvic and genitourinary diseases and surgery
Menstruation, previous marriage and childbearing history and contraception of both sides

What are the infertility related examinations?
Ovulation test:according to the menstrual regularity, you can roughly judge whether ovulation occurs, but it is not very accurate. The so-called regular menstruation refers to the cycle (from the first day of last menstruation to the first day of this time), normal cycle of 21-35 days, menstrual period (bleeding days) 2-7 days. Frequent or sparse menstruation may indicate anovulation. Women can also be under the guidance of doctors through the basic body temperature, vaginal secretions, ovulation test paper to do a rough monitoring of ovulation. In the process of diagnosis and treatment, ultrasound monitoring and hormone examination can help to accurately judge the ovulation time.

Fallopian tube examination: fallopian tube patency examination method: fallopian tube X-ray fluoroscopy contrast, three-dimensional real-time ultrasound salpingography are common examination methods. In addition, it can be checked by hysteroscopic intubation and laparoscopy under direct vision. Laparoscopic fluid examination is more accurate, but it is traumatic, so it is not the first choice. At present, there is no accurate and effective method to detect whether the oviduct can pick up eggs and transport eggs and embryos normally.

Uterus and genital tract examination: as a place for embryo breeding, uterus is also a necessary condition for maintaining normal fertility. Whether its shape is abnormal or there are any diseases that lead to abnormal uterine cavity morphology and endometrial dysfunction will affect fertility in varying degrees. Doctors can roughly judge the condition of uterus by asking the history, gynecological examination and ultrasound examination. Sometimes, it is necessary to combine with the further examination such as hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and so on.

Semen examination: couples can't give birth normally without the male's "seed" (sperm). Having normal sexual life is not equal to normal semen, so semen routine examination is very important. Because the examination is convenient, accurate and non-invasive, so the male semen examination is the first screening item for infertility couples. It is better of the abstinence time for 3-7 days for semen examination. If the abstinence time is too long or too short, it may affect the examination results. If the first examination is abnormal, it is recommended to repeat the examination for 2-3 times.

Other tests: to be able to combine sperm and egg to the birth of a new life is a very magical process. In addition to the normal shape of eggs, sperm and their meeting at the right time, there is a suitable uterus for the growth and development of the embryo, all the pregnancy process also needs to have a suitable environment, such as immune environment, endocrine environment, etc. When the general inspection can not find the cause, the corresponding inspection will be considered.

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