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  • 祝我的孩子,能永远健康快乐~


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Location: 4th floor, No. 477, Fute West 1st Road, pilot Free Trade Zone
Job description: gynecologist
1.Routine diagnosis and treatment of common gynecological diseases;
2.Make, implement and record the diagnosis and treatment plan;
3.Provide high quality professional service;
4.To promote women's health care knowledge.

Job requirements:
1.Bachelor degree or above, strong medical theory and professional knowledge;
2.Hold valid doctor's qualification certificate and doctor's practice certificate, and the scope of practice is gynecology and obstetrics or gynecology;
3.At least 5 years working experience in gynecology related , working experience in foreign medical institutions is preferred;
4.Abide by the law and discipline, no bad practice record, strong communication and coordination ability, affinity, strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit.


Location: 4th floor, No. 477, Fute West 1st Road, pilot Free Trade Zone
Job description:
1) Carry out nursing work under the guidance of head nurse and report to head nurse;
2) Be responsible for basic nursing work, keep medical equipment, medicine and other materials;
3) Effective implementation of various nursing systems, regulations and other rules and regulations;
4) Make preparations and shift work before going to work every day and never leave the post;
5) Participate in various training arranged by hospital according to department arrangement;
6) Communicate with patients and their families in a friendly way to solve their problems as much as possible;
7) Complete other tasks assigned by head nurse.
Job requirements:
1) Bachelor degree or above, major in nursing, registered nurse;
2) More than 5 years working experience, working experience in tertiary hospital or abroad;
3) Skilled nursing knowledge and other professional knowledge, familiar with hospital process and other related business;
4) Strong communication and coordination ability, comprehensive analysis and judgment ability;
5) Have computer and other office equipment application knowledge;
6) Understand nursing English (or Japanese) professional knowledge, with good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;
7) Good sense of service, good at transposition thinking, put the needs and experience of patients in the first place.

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4 / F, No. 477, Fute West 1st Road, China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone


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