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Scientific research project of Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission in 2017

Project Name: Application value of human oocyte spindle observation in assisted reproduction
Project Leader: Huangya Deputy chief technologist master degree
                         The laboratory director of Shanghai Towako Hospital
Abstract of achievements: The purpose of this study was to observe the relationship between the presence of spindles in oocytes, the size and brightness of spindles, and the angle between spindles and the first polar body in oocytes during intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). At present, there is little research and practical experience in this field at home and abroad. We hope to find out the correlation between the existence of spindle, size, brightness , the angle with the first polar body and fertilization rate, embryo quality and clinical outcomes through large sample size data analysis and summary. According to our preliminary trial, if there is no spindle, it is unnecessary to carry out ICSI, so as to save economic costs and avoid unnecessary expenses; at the same time, according to the spindle size and other indicators, we can predict the fertilization rate, embryo quality and other clinical outcomes of the patient in this cycle.


Scientific research project of Shanghai Health Committee in 2020(Application subject)

Project Name: Application of laser assisted hatching in thawing transplantation cycle of elderly patients
Project Leader: Huangya Deputy chief technologist master degree
                              The laboratory director of Shanghai Towako Hospital
Summary of achievements: In this study, laser assisted hatching was carried out after thawed blastocysts, including: zona pellucida thinning, 1 / 4 zona pellucida piercing, 1 / 2 zona pellucida piercing, and zona pellucida completed removal. Objective: to study the effect of assisted hatching on chemistry pregnancy rate, multiple pregnancy rate, abortion rate and clinical pregnancy rate of elderly patients after transfer. At present, many studies are still controversial about whether assisted hatching technology can improve the pregnancy outcome of Frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycle. As the methods of assisted hatching, in each center has its own operating habits and has not formed a unified technical specification, which is worth our systematic research and discussion. We hope that through a large number of clinical studies, comparison of different laser assisted hatching methods, continuous tracking of pregnancy outcomes, to explore a laser assisted hatching method with better clinical outcomes. It can provide some guidance for clinical assisted hatching, further improve the clinical outcome of Frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycle in elderly patients, and promote the clinical work of assisted reproduction smoothly.

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